Al Hamra… Orient Prince hotel is located in Al Hamra


In most Arab cities, especially capitals, commercial markets have a special social character.

In these markets, the person finds what he wants for the purpose and the desired means

of livelihood or the demands of entertainment, as well as the satisfaction of the facilities

specialised in economic and financial affairs or the affairs of culture and thought,

From press and media institutions. Al Hamra street is one of the main streets in Beirut’s

capital Beirut and one of the main economic and diplomatic hubs in Beirut. This is because

there are many cafés on the sidewalk, and there are famous Lebanese theaters. Al Hamra Street

was the center of intellectual activity in Beirut before the Lebanese war. Today there are

many hotels, furnished apartments and cafes.

Al Hamra Street in Beirut, has its own story that began in

the early 15th century AD when the sons of Telhok Druze

fought with the Bani Hamra Muslims who frequented Beirut

to sell their crops and agricultural crops. As a result of this conflict,

the children of Talhuk were forced to leave their homes in Ras Beirut,

The area that was known in their time as the name of the bear,

and joined the mountain leaving their land and homes to the sons

of Hamra who settled their place and attributed the area from its day

and known as the name of Karam Hamra and neglected the name of the

bear bears forever, and so today Hamra Street is related to the Bani Hamra Bekaa. This street, which

bears the name of al Hamra today, was until a long time a trench that can barely accommodate

one man and his dynasty.

However, the development of urbanization in Beirut and its environs drew attention to

Karam al Hamra. This area became densely populated and its narrow crossings became wider and wider.

When the caliphs entered Beirut in 1918, Al Hamra Street was known as London street. It was also

called the Champagne Street on the current Jean-d’Arc street.

There are cafés where the connoisseurs are confused by the literal or the hopeful,

the artists by nature or the industry, and with these and those groups

of journalists who have been infected by literary writing, and the hallucination

of modern and modern poetry scattered.

Al-Hamra Street is about 1,300 meters long and starts from the east at

the intersection of the roads of the Ministry of Tourism and Information

to the south and Al-Nahar newspaper building to the east and ends west

at the intersection of the roads where the famous grocery store is


Orient prince hotel is located in al hamra street and it is a 12 minute walk from the beach ,

Orient Prince Verdon and Hamra are within walking distance of Beirut city center.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

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