Beirut Airport … All you need to know about it

Beirut Airport


Beirut Airport or Rafic Hariri International Airport is an international airport located 9 km

from the center of Beirut. Beirut Airport is the only commercial airport in Lebanon,

the headquarters and operations center of the Middle East Airlines, formerly calledBeirut Airport

Beirut International Airport. That the Directorate General of

Civil Aviation in Lebanon changed the name in June 2005 to

“Beirut-Rafik Hariri International Airport” after

the assassination of the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik

Hariri on February 14, 2005.

The terminal building in Beirut airport contains a large hall with all ticket terminals

and various restaurants that can be used by depositors and travelers prior to the completion

of travel, as well as a bank, post office, car rental offices and other hotel representatives.

The walk-in hall in Beirut airport has 84 fully equipped and ready-to-use passenger

busses to facilitate the movement of travelers to the 24 departure gates. The building

includes a free market area of ​​at least 5,000 square meters, airline offices, a fast food

restaurant, a chapel, a church and a dispensary. It had Infirmary and Nursery for children.

A transit center for transit passengers  in Beirut airport with an area of ​​approximately

1,600 square meters has also been installed in the building and provides the necessary

needs for its users during long waiting periods.


Airlines in Beirut airport:

-Middle East Airlines ( Abu Dhabi , Abidjan , Accra , Amman , Athens , Baghdad ,

Basra, Brussels , Cairo , Copenhagen , Dammam , Doha , Medina , Milan ,

Najaf , Paris , Riyadh , Rome , Yerevan)

-Egypt Air

Beirut Airport

– Aeroflot (Moscow)

-Air Algeria ( Algeria )

-Air France ( Paris )

-Italian Airlines (Rome)

-BMI (London)

-Emirates Airline (Dubai)

-Ethiopian Airlines (Addis Ababa)

-Ethihad Airways (Abu Dhabi)

-Gulf Air (Manama)

-Iraq Airways (Baghdad)

-Kuwait Airways (Kuwait)

-Libya Airlines (Tripoli)


– Olympique Air Lines (Athens). -Oman Air (Muscat).

-Qatar Airways (Doha).

-Royal Moroccan Airlines (Casablanca).

-Royal Jordanian (Amman). Saudi Arabian Airlines (Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina). Sudanese Airways (Khartoum).

-Swiss International Airlines (Zurich).

-Syrian Airlines (Damascus, Aleppo).

-Turkish Airlines (Istanbul).

-Tunis Airways (Tunisia).

-Yemen Airways (Sana’a).

-Air Arabia (Sharjah).

-Jazeera Airways (Kuwait).

-Bahrain Air (Bahrain).

-Iran Air (Tehran).

-Malaysia Airlines (Kuala Lumpur).

-Nas Air (Jeddah).

-Sun Express (Antalya).

-Wataniya Airways (Kuwait).

-Airlines of Tarom (Romania )


Shipping Companies in Beirut airport:

-Air Algérie Shipping.

-Air France Cargo.Beirut airport

-Emirates Air Cargo.

-KLM Air Cargo.

-Lufthansa Shipping.

-Qatar Air Cargo.



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