Al-Hamra street Beirut

Al-Hamra Street, Beirut, is the only place to be known for its artistic experience, cultural

artifacts, hotels, shops, imposing place, politics, and first-class craftsmanship. And the time at

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Al-Hamra Street Beirut

Al-Hamra Street Beirut was once a narrow trench, but with the

development of urbanization in Beirut and its environs, attention was

paid to the area and its reconstruction. The dwellings were established there.

This street was known by a number of names, including London Street,

in 1918 when the allies entered Beirut and Champs Elysees, It is now about 1,300 meters wide

and 8 meters wide. On both sides there are many cafes that were famous for their famous poets,

artists, journalists and writers.

Why would the tourist prefer to go to Al-Hamra Street Beirut?

The most popular tourist attraction is the Hamra Street area in Beirut. It is an ideal place to

shop. On the other side there are many famous shops with the best brands, elegant and civilized

clothes, as well as commercial malls and popular markets such as Hamra Market, Of gold and jewelry stores.

Al-Hamra Street Beirut :

is characterized by wide sidewalks especially the French bank, Napolitana pizza, suitable

for walking, and suitable to sit on the edges of the wall opposite the French Bank,

you can walk, eat and drink, and sit on the fireplaces near the city theater.Al-Hamra Street Beirut

Al-Hamra Street Beirut has many high-end cafes such as T-Marbouta, famous for its various

types of grills, tawooks, etc. It also has the ability to sit outside, as well as the Bandakji café.

It serves pizza, kebabs, hummus, drinks and nargileh, Ka3kaya cafe, It offers varied cuisine

such as chicken, burgers, salads and Hamra Café.